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  • i am the middle child of three boys. i spent considerable time in the outdoors embracing the organic

  • i’m an american nobody!   american nobodies is a documentary series looking at extraordin

  • mindfulness and creativity in this age of constant distraction, I would love for my art students to

  • i am a firm believer in the importance of having an environment that helps set the tone for creative

  • i took up biking to literally and metaphorically to get away from things.  it has been a great buffe


Meet the artist


my bachelor’s in drawing and master of fine art degree in printmaking has set me on a course of exploration of the arts for the past twenty five years of my life.  no matter in which media i chose to express my idea, my aesthetic sense leans toward the immediacy of mark making.


i am always interested in providing moments of visual interest and metaphors that serve as catalysts for thought. through my work i strive to provide others with a road map of my inner journey.