I’ve always love to make images.  from early memories of drawing with my father to today, I like exploring things through visual expressions of various kinds.  Having a sketchbook with me became part of my life since in the awkward jr high me to the present.  I like the imagery from the poetry of of others that often find expression in my paintings and prints.

I was fortunate to have had very supportive high school teachers that prodded me into working, reworking and exploring different media.

I’ve taught for more than twenty five years at the university, college, and high school level. This was not something I planned, it wanted to teach but had no idea that I’d end up in a high school teaching reluctant teens to embrace new ways of doing and thinking in an environment that isn’t always so conducive to this end.

Finding a balance between my contribution as an art educator and working as an is kind of likely juggling fish while peddling down a cobblestone road on a unicycle. I can be done, but it’s a constant challenge. In my spare time, i actively engage in research where I strive to make meaningful connections between art, culture, and the human experience.

I’ve been extremely blessed to have form wonderful relationships with artists and art educators who are amazing and cause me to reflect upon my own practice within these areas. I find this desire to stretch, grow and explore makes it hard to say no to new opportunities to growth and to contribute to organizations and great causes.

if art is nothing more than the shadow of humanity, as Henry James stated, then it would seem that I love to linger in the shadows of life exploring the unknown and running into the new obstacles.