larping @ comic con

larping, for those who are unaware, stands for ‘live action role-playing’. a game where the participants physically act out their characters’ actions, pursue goals within a fictional setting while interacting with each other in character in the real world.


i was larping as a photographer at fantasy con and three comic con events in salt lake city. i was fairly convincing and really embraced the role.

10599206_10204036290259281_5662589750698883074_n1908407_10204031861188557_7328056882843910346_ni loved the technical challenge associated with adjusting f-stops, aperture settings and adapting to the ever-changing lighting situation.

i received some crucial help from my good friend,george loch, who is a very talented photographer who told me that shooting on “auto” would be a dead give away so i blended into the role and culture of a photographer adjusting settings, changing lenses and getting into weird poses as i covered the “cons”. it’s a lot of work!

when i was asked back last time after three comic con events, i respectfully declined. … thank you very much. larping was a ton of fun!