competition! students design a sign for a real life campaign

competition! students design a sign for a real life campaign

last year i had a friend, shauna warnick, run for a position on our city school board.  at the time i was having students design lawn signs to convey concerns and promote social issues that were important for them (this was later covered in an article by scholastics arts magazine).  i proposed to her that my students could submit designs for her campaign run for the school board. what better way to convey confidence in our schools than to turn over the promotion of her campaign design to high school students?

if students know their work is really going to be taken seriously, they put more of their heart into it. their craftsmanship and skill level is much different than when they do things ‘just for a class assignment.’

all the students submitted designs from which mrs. warnick selected sammie francis’ work as the winning entry. sammmie said of her design approach, ” i just thought that [election signs] are so cliche and overdone, so I wanted to try a different, more unique approach.”

it’s not just the colors that make the sign different. the students had to capture the personality and views of the candidate and  some how convey that through their color choice and design.

while mrs. warnick received only 40% of the vote, i still recall the success that my students felt in their participation in a real world design challenge  where immediate communication and ‘grabbiness’ is key in drawing positive attention.

warnick had 100 of the signs made, and after it was printed, i took one and placed it in francis’s front yard.

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