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For this past week’s Vlog I shared couple of apps or excerpts for the keynote address it NAEA’s opening session by Jeff Koons. My VLOG focused on his early development and influence by his parents and a school teacher. But here in this blog,  I thought I would talk about some of the challenges that some of the teachers have with Jeff Koons is an artist. There’re several controversial issues that we could discuss with Jeff Koons but since this is my blog I’d like to tackle just one, namely, that he employs hundreds of people and is Chelsea studio who manufacture his artwork for him.

That when I share this information with my daughter-in-law she said quote seems like a smart build the business model”. Ever many it first blush it appears that they’re getting hoodwinked by the artist when he does not necessarily has his hands touch much of his work.

 This isn’t a new practice. Andy Warhol, the king of the silkscreen art image, was doing this in the 1960’s and was known for his factory which he had people helping him to create his images in an ‘Henry Ford-like’ set up.  in fact, some would argue that Warhol was the first artist-brand the reach into the American mainstream and then into the world.


But the practice goes far back into the Renaissance when the demands of creating artwork for private patrons supplanted the once dominant religious imagery supported by a finance by the church. New print Curtis livelihood was completely depended upon the patron’s support and their combined reputation.  Back then the artist work was carried out in  a work room, or bottega.  The studiolo is where the more contemplative, mental exercise was carried out.  Act This system was the early educational system for the arts where princesses would work up for menial skills until they learned the higher order skills of the master artist.


So this brings us back for circle to today and Jeff Koons a highly successful artist and the mixed feelings of people have about his work. At the National Art Education Association’s keynote address Jeff Koons talked about learning early on from his teacher the credit process wasn’t something just to be created by hand but more importantly a mental activity.  So what do you think,  does it diminish the value for you if you knew a work of art you purchase never what’s touch by the master artist and have been only relegated to apprentices?