My space

i am a firm believer in the importance of having an environment that helps set the tone for creative endeavors and serves as a climate for growth and change, personally and aesthetically.  i feel very fortunate to have had a talented architect, kevin macabe, design our home. we were also fortunate to have a landscape architect, jeremy fillmore, who run across my work and reach out to me for a trade.

as a result, we have an aesthetically designed home within and without that provides a creative baseline for my artistic endeavors, research and teaching pursuits. the house and my north facing studio are ideally position to harness and bounce the light which provides striking contrasts of color and shadows.

we use dynamic colors throughout the interior space and rusted columns and flowers provide endless variety of color and texture without.  one of the great thing about living in this location for the past seventeen years has been to see the changes that have taken place and to anticipate the onset of the seasons with all their spectacles.