i took up biking to literally and metaphorically to get away from things.  it has been a great buffer from the wear and tear of some of life’s pressures, and an enjoyable way to keep healthy and connect with the outdoors.  i head out each day, weather permitting, and take in 10-20 miles in the mountains.  i unwind as i challenge myself on known and new trails.  for the past eight years i’ve competed in many 50 miles endurance races as part of the 4life/ maddog cycles elite race team.  i like to say that i’m the slowest of the fast guys.

i really enjoy the challenge of pushing myself and finding my limits and trying to work beyond them.   i have a friend that trains on mindfulness and i shared with her that i feel more mindful by cycling in the mountains then being still. apparently, it’s not that weird or uncommon. i find an inner stillness while navigating technical terrain and speeding down some awesome single track.