robot mural

my colleague, elicia gray, and i decided to collaborate to create a mural for two mountainland head start centers in utah county.img_5357

for the first phase of this collaborative project, elicia, an art specialist at lakeview elementary in provo, asked her students to find a problem they saw in their lives or in the world and create a robot to solve it.

the students created robots that tackled issues such as “loneliness and one that was a house bot that builds houses for homeless. there were a lot of food bots that make food out of anything, and movie bots that turn books into movies and movies into books,” elicia said.

img_5362the art project, which included all of her students and took several months to pull together, was funded by parents and chevron’s ‘fuel your school’ on donorschoose, an online crowd funding platform for teachers and educators.img_5366

the students wrapped up the project with an art show and display at the school, some might soon see parts of their art on two head start buildings in utah county.

stay tuned for phase two where my students will interpret these images and come up with several murals for the head start centers!

to learn more about this project read this article.